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Novels for teenagers

The novels in this collection are intended for you, young adults. You will find a wide range of genres and authors in this collection: from Suzanne Collins to Meg Cabot, including Stephenie Meyer, Ann Brashares et Christopher Paolini.

Written by authors from here and elsewhere, the latest releases in French and English abound, exploring the sentiments specific to young people as well as delicate topics of reality, specifically the search for identity, war, violence, family break-up, poverty, homosexuality, injustice, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

Novel-lovers, allow yourselves to be enchanted and astounded, since books free the mind and allow it to visit vast imaginary worlds.

As for researchers and teachers, they can consult the collection of the Centre québécois de ressources en littérature pour la jeunesse (CQRLJ),the only centre in North America dedicated exclusively to preserving and disseminating French-language children's collections.