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Geography and travel

A visa for the world

Cover page of a book entitled Chine, Guides Voir collection.

THOMPSON, Hugh et Katryn LANE,
Chine, Montréal, Libre Expression,
“Guides Voir” collection, 2011, 672 p.

The Geography and travel collection contains a wide variety of materials where you can discover the mosaic of territories and people that make up our planet.

The heart of this collection is without a doubt the vast selection of travel guides shelved alongside travel accounts, illustrated books and geography books.

New releases are added to this collection on a regular basis.

Online resources

BAnQ subscribers can also access any of the many online resources as well as e-book collections.

Going even further

To fully explore the travel materials available, you can attend a workshop on trips, short visits and expeditions (Voyages, escapades et longs périples, given in French only).

You can also refer to the guide Pour préparer vos voyages [PDF - 663 KB] (in French only).

Moreover, librarians are available, both on-site and remotely, to help you select and use the right research tools.