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Audio books

Intended for the general public, the collection of audio books is recommended for beginner readers as well as for people with a visual impairment. These books are read by renowned performers, such as theatre and movie artists, or occasionally by the author of the book.

Available in French or English, the novels are classified according to their publication language. This collection also includes classical poetry and theatre works, as well as non-fiction works on topics as varied as philosophy, psychology, religion and the sciences.

The audio books, on CD or MP3 CD, are found in front of the shelves for reference works in the Arts and literature section, located on Level 1 of the Grande Bibliothèque. You can borrow up to 10 items for a period of 21 days, with a possibility of renewal.

Several audio books in French and English are available in digital format for online or offline listening.

TopHandling and maintenance of materials

In order to ensure optimal use, disks must be handled carefully. If a problem occurs during use, please report it when you return the item to the Grande Bibliothèque.