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Heritage poster collection

Description of the collection


BAnQ's heritage poster collection is comprised of more than 35,000 graphic works for a total of 58,000 items. While the collection includes posters from the 19th and early 20th centuries, it is composed primarily of posters published in Québec since 1960.

The collection, which bears witness to the vitality of Québec creators, consist largely of documents relating to cultural and artistic activity: posters for plays, dance performances, musical events, movies, exhibitions and festivals. Examples include posters pertaining to summer stock theatre, regional festivals and local music scenes. In addition to sports and tourism posters, the collection includes many information and awareness-raising posters produced by the Québec government and by political, union and community organizations, among others. The body of advertising poster materials grew over time with the significant addition of posters published by transportation companies such as Allan Line, Canadian Pacific, Canada Steamship Lines, etc.

The collection has been built up over the years through substantial donations, including posters donated from the collection of Marc H. Choko, independent researcher and poster specialist. In 2000, the Société de la Place des Arts, a major performing arts facility in Montréal, gave the Bibliothèque nationale 1,851 posters advertising 1,280 shows presented since its inauguration in 1963. Since the introduction of legal deposit in 1992, the collection has grown by several hundred documents a year. Since 2007, Publicité Sauvage, the bill-posting company, has acted as legal deposit delegate on behalf of its clients. In October 2016, this partner's diligent contribution represented 13% of the heritage poster collection (i.e., 17% of the copies in the collection).Many posters may also be found in BAnQ's archives.

Posters inform us, reach out to us and captivate us. They exhort and proclaim. Whether they are meant to advertise or serve a cultural or civic purpose, they are, in the words of Marc H. Choko, “creations that carry a message”. As street art-related creations and ephemeral productions, they reflect current affairs, social phenomena, varied events as well as the ideological and esthetic trends of the times.

Illustrated posters, rare before the early 20th century, truly burst onto the scene with the two World Wars, as evidenced by the collection's set of World War I posters. Contemporary posters can be an advertising vehicle, an information tool or a creative space. Characterized by a wide range of formats and diverse visual approaches, this important component of BAnQ's iconographic collections bears testimony to the remarkable, prolific production of Québec poster artists and graphic designers such as Couthuran, Vittorio, Yvan Adam, Alfred Halasa, Simon Bossé, Lino, Sébastien Lépine and Orangetango.


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Thanks to the BAnQ's catalogue, patrons can access the bibliographic record of every poster in the collection.  A growing part of the collection is digitized and accessible. BAnQ numérique  allows patrons to search through tens of thousands of images and also provides access to digitized posters 

In addition, BAnQ published an index of institutional poster collections of significance to Québec (Répertoire des collections institutionnelles d’affiches d’intérêt québécois) detailing 83 poster collections held by Québec, North-American, European or Asian organizations.

There are currently around thirty publications addressing various aspects of BAnQ's poster collection.

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Posters can be studied in the reading room of BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie. This room is open to the public Tuesday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Telephone: 514 873-1101, ext. 3823, or 1 800 363-9028 (in Québec) 
Fax: 514 873-7168
E-mail: collectionspatrimoniale@banq.qc.ca

Danielle Léger is in charge of this collection.