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Talks, workshops, lectures, authors reading live... browse through the calendar for more details.

Expo 67 geographical map (detail).

BAnQ numérique

Revisit Expo 67

Detail, postcard depicting a canoe negociating rapids.

Carnet de la Bibliothèque nationale Blog

Big John,
Whitewater Tamer

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Internet 101

How to Spot Fake News Articles

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Video Archives

Québec Movies of Yesteryear

Ship Shape

Superb renderings of sailing vessels by Léonce Cuvelier (1874-1959). 

Follow the Timeline...

...and explore Québec's past through historic events.

One Piece at a Time

Try your hand at a variety of puzzles based on BAnQ posters and illustrations.

For Toddlers and Little Ones

All sorts of activities await. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About services provided or interrupted. 

Borrow a Museum!

BAnQ offers free passes to visit
three Montréal museums.

the War in Ukraine

Books, articles and videos shedding light on the roots of the conflict.

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