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Legal deposit : forms

Complete, print and sign the legal deposit forms, and transmit them to the legal deposit section together with the documents concerned. This procedure requires the use of Acrobat Reader.

This Web content may contain accessibility barriers.If you are unable to fill out these forms, help is available. Please contact us by dialing 514 873-1101, ext. 3780 (Montréal region) or 1 800 363-9028, ext. 3780 (all regions of Québec outside the Montréal region).

 TopMonograph or serial publication


Use this form to deposit the following print publications:

  • monographs (books, pamphlets)
  • serial publications (newspapers, journals, magazines, newsletters, annual publications and other documents published periodically)
  • maps and plans
  • music scores
  • show programs.

If the document to be deposited belongs to one of these categories but is published in electronic format, use the Electronic document/software form available below.


 TopPoster or art reproduction

  • PDF file [PDF - 102 KB - in French only]


 Top Electronic document on media/software

  • PDF file [PDF - 120 KB - in French only]

This form is reserved for the deposit of electronic documents made available on hard media (diskette, CD-ROM, etc.). Online publications are excluded. For details concerning online publications, see the related information page.



  • PDF file [PDF - 97 KB - in French only]


 TopSound recording

  • PDF file [PDF - 131 KB - in French only]

Use this form to deposit sound recordings, regardless of medium: CD, cassette, audio DVD, etc.




 TopArtist’s book/bibliophile book

  • PDF file [PDF - 174 KB - in French only]