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Pricing of services

In keeping with BAnQ's dissemination mission, BAnQ services are generally provided free of charge to all Quebecers. Free services include subscriptions; loans and consultations of documents; interlibrary loans; reception, orientation and reference services; instructional, showcasing and other activities; access to the Internet, electronic resources, the catalogue and multimedia stations; exhibitions; and specialized services for publishers and the document community.

As a rule, charges apply to added-value services, particularly all forms of reproduction of documents, as well as rental of public areas, publication of documents such as exhibition catalogues and publication statistics, and reference services going beyond basic service, including research in commercial databases. In addition, in order to ensure the availability of documents to all users, BAnQ determines the length of loans, and charges fines for overdue documents and for lost or damaged documents that have to be replaced.

All rates are subject to change without notice.